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Learn How to Attract High-End Coaching Clients Online

Join my Social Media Magic Circle and get access to the latest and greatest online marketing techniques and high-level group coaching calls to take your coaching business to the next level.
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The Problem All Coaches Face

As a coach, the chances are you’re currently facing one of two problems:

  1. You want to get started, but you’re just not sure how to market yourself. Or;
  2. You’ve been coaching a while but want to level up and attract high-end clients. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, I’m Sarah Lorenz from Get SOME Magic, I’ve been exactly where you are, and I solved these problems to build my own 6-figure coaching business that’s helped clients 5X their revenue and half their marketing costs. Now I want to help you

Solve the Social Media Mystery

You got into coaching to help people and live life on your terms. You didn’t get into coaching to become an expert in ‘business stuff’ like marketing – despite how critical it is for your business.

For most coaches, the whole social media marketing thing is a bit of a mystery.

It keeps changing so often, it’s tough to keep track of. You’ve no idea what’s going to work, or what the best strategies are to consistently land well paying, high-end clients.

Now you can finally solve the social media mystery and put yourself on the fast-track to success.

What current members have to say:

Build a Scalable, Repeatable, Marketing System

If running my own coaching business has taught me anything, it’s that you need to be getting ahead of the competition and leveraging the latest social media marketing techniques to be successful. You need a strategy that fits YOU and YOUR business.
It needs to become a regular system that’s built into your business – you can’t stop and start and expect amazing things to happen.
But, building an online marketing machine for your coaching business can be tough – so I want to show you how it’s done.

Quick & Easy Marketing Techniques That Get Results

You don’t need to spend hours in front of your laptop or stressing out about the best ways to market your business online. I’ve tried, tested, and developed amazing strategies that I want to show you – so you can jump straight to the results bit.
I’ve found phenomenal ways of using social media to land high-end clients with $$$ to spend, and automating most of it so I can still spend tons of time with my family and pets. So much so, I even managed to consistently make 5-figures a month before my son turned 1!

Introducing the Social Media Magic Circle

My Social Media Magic Circle is an ultra-affordable way to leverage my 6-figure coaching knowledge to grow your coaching business. You’ll learn the most powerful online strategies imaginable AND get quality group coaching time with me. I’m constantly testing and refining new strategies, so each week will be new and fresh content.

Join now and you’ll get access to:

Two Live Group Coaching Sessions every month that’ll help you get the answers to all your burning questions, learn from others, and get feedback on your progress so far.

Live Training Sessions about the latest Social Media News whenever something important happens around Social Media designed to help you understand and leverage the latest social media and online marketing techniques to help you grow your coaching business.

Unlimited replays so if you can’t make a session, want to revisit a topic, or just want to listen to my beautiful voice over and over again, you can anytime, anyplace 😉

Private Member’s Only Access to the Social Media Magic Circle group. Here you’ll find other go-getter coaches just like you who are passionate about building their coaching businesses online. You might get to build your professional network, make new friends, or find partnership opportunities.

Join the Social Media Magic Circle today! (you can cancel any time)

You’ll Discover The Magic Behind Techniques Like:

  • How to get clients with Social Media
  • How to combine different platforms
  • How to do amazing livestreams on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube
  • How to use Instagram Stories to sell your services
  • How to build amazing email funnels and combine them with Social Media
  • and much much more

And this is just scratching the surface. Almost every week will cover something new, to give you the chance to find the exact strategies and techniques that work best for you and your business. Whether you love to speak on camera, or prefer to write, I’ve got tons and tons of incredible online marketing methods to share with you – to help you transform your coaching business

All Your Questions About my Social Media Magic Circle – Answered:

There’s nothing worse than having a burning question and not having the answer, is there? This is why I include TWO group coaching sessions every month, and why I’ve included an FAQ here:

>> Who is this program for?

The program is for all coaches. If you’re just starting out with your own coaching business, or you’re looking to level up and land more high-end clients online, then my Magic Circle is for you. If you don’t want to make more money, save tons of time, and are happy not fulfilling your coaching business dreams – then my Social Media Magic Circle isn’t for you.

>> I don’t have any specific strategies or ideas, can you help?

You bet! The Social Media Magic Circle is all about me sharing the latest and greatest online marketing techniques with coaches to inspire them to do great things when marketing their own businesses.

>> How long does it run for?

Each session is about one hour long. The thing to remember about social media and online marketing is that it changes all the time. Facebook might change their algorithm, or ad platforms might get super popular and expensive. With that in mind, I’m constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest techniques to help keep you ahead of the pack and drive-down marketing costs.

>> How much do I have to study?

I’ll show you exactly what to do at every step, so all you need to do is attend my training sessions or watch the replay – that’s it!

>> How much does it cost?

Normally, the price for the Social Media Magic Circle is 49€ per month. If you decide to join us now, you only pay 29€ and you’ll have this price secured for as long as you stay a member. Cut out a couple of fancy Starbucks coffees every week and the Magic Circle will quickly pay for itself AND transform your business – that’s a pretty good deal, huh?

>> How can I pay?

You can pay with a credit card or via Paypal. This means all your details are kept safe and secure during the online transaction, but you can also quickly and easily secure your spot – it’s the ultimate win/win.

>> Is there a contract?

Nope, there’s no contract to sign. You pay a monthly fee of 29€ (instead of the regular 49€). If at any point you decide the group program is not for you, you can just send an email to my team at team@getsomemagic.com and request a cancellation. I’ll immediately stop future billing and cancel your access. No hard feelings.

>> What will the group program bring me?

As a Magic Circle member, you’ll always know the latest social media marketing techniques before anyone else does. You’ll receive ongoing training on everything new you need to know about social media, along with TWO live group coaching sessions every month AND access to a private group of fellow go-getter coaches.

>> What if I can’t make the training, will there be replays available?

Absolutely! You can watch the training anytime and as often as you like! Obviously, you’ll miss out on the chance to join the group coaching sessions and live networking opportunities if you watch the replay, but you’ll still get tons and tons of value from everything I’ll show you.

>> What will I receive as a member?

You will get to attend live online training sessions that’ll show you step-by-step how to implement the latest social media strategies as well as online marketing strategies, followed by two group coaching sessions per month in which you can ask any questions. You also get access to a private Facebook group jam-packed with like-minded people for great networking, partnership, and accountability opportunities.

The price for my Magic Circle will go up shortly, so secure your place now and you will always only pay 29€ / month (instead of the regular 49€)

Join the Social Media Magic Circle today! (you can cancel any time)