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Facebook Ads Course – VA – Support – Payment plan

150,00 / month for 4 months


Get personal support and professional feedback along your Facebook Ads journey. Stop being afraid that the campaigns you set up for your clients won’t work. Let me analyze your ads and give you detailed feedback and advice. 

The truth is: Facebook Ads can be confusing. There is always something that just isn’t working even though you’re sure you did everything right. And even if you’re getting results you’re left wondering: Could your campaign perform even better? What could you change to get even better results for yourself and your clients? 

The good news is: My team and I are here to accompany you along your Facebook Ads journey through video support and in our secret Facebook group. If you ever encounter problems, simply send us an email and we will look into it! We will then record a video for you with tips on what you can improve, post it in our Facebook group and tag you in the post. This way you get personal support and can learn from other participant’s progress at the same time.

In addition to that, you also get 4 amazing bonus modules.

You get this for 4 months:

SOS video tutorial support

Whenever you run into a problem or want my or my team’s feedback you can send us an email to an email address you will receive after signing up. We will then record a step-by-step video tutorial for you with suggestions on what you can improve.


Access to a secret Facebook group in which you can connect with other course participants and learn from the video tutorials we create for the others.

Bonus modules:

4 additional modules with video tutorials of troubleshooting, landing pages, email funnels and launch strategies