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Access to the workshop “How essential oils can support your unique Human Design energy” – including 3 oil samples




✨ Is this the right workshop for you? ✨

This workshop is for everyone who’d like to learn more about Human Design and their own chart. It’s suitable for absolute beginners as well as advanced Human Design practitioners.

We will meet in Zoom in a small group and I’ll keep the workshop very interactive, so that everyone will learn something new about their unique Human Design energy type and authority and chart in general.

This workshop is all about combining theoretical learning about Human Design with tips on how to actually LIVE according to your energy type and authority on a daily basis and how essential oils can help you with this.

✨ What you will get ✨

You get access to my live online workshop “Learn how essential oils can support your unique Human Design energy”. If you can’t attend live you will get the recording.

You’ll get access to a secret Facebook group for all participants in which you can ask your Human Design or essential oils questions.

You will also receive an essential oils bundle of 3 oils with about 12-15 drops of oil per bottle for you to use during the workshop.

✨ About this workshop ✨

Essential oils are such a powerful tool, there are oils for every situation and for every unique Human Design chart. They help us to better access our own energy in our defined centers, channels and gates as well as control how we absorb energy in our undefined centers.

Essential oils can also help us to access our Human Design authority better so that we always make emotionally aligned decisions.

And they can even support us in living our life’s purpose.

Let me teach you how to use essential oils so that you can truly live your Human Design energy on a daily basis.

This workshop is for everyone who’d like a better understanding of themselves including a better understanding on how to step away from limiting beliefs and truly harness the power that each center, channel and gate of your Human Design chart brings you.

Both beginners and advanced Human Design practitioners are welcome!

✨ Who am I? ✨

I’m Sarah, 32 years old, originally from Germany but living in sunny Cyprus.

I’m a 4/1 emotional Projector.

I’ve been working with Human Design for over a year and have done many Human Design readings for individuals, couples and families during that time.

I’ve been working with doTERRA essential oils for half a year and have been very successfully combining my knowledge of both in my readings.