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Facebook Ads Ongoing support

1.700,00 / month



We’ll help to add the tracking pixel to your website and make sure everything is Facebook compliant

We’ll give you advice about how to make your website and landingpages GDPR compliant

We’ll find the perfect audiences for your campaign (including custom audiences, lookalikes and retargeting – all GDPR compliant, of course) and make sure they are highly engaging

We’ll help create copy and images for your ads

We’ll help create videos for your ads

We’ll track your Facebook ads and constantly optimize them

We’ll run split-tests with different headlines, texts and photos to get the lowest cost per lead and the best results for your campaigns

You’ll get monthly updates of your ads status with information about how the ads performed and the changes we made. For this we’ll send you a detailed PDF report once a month with all details, screenshots and numbers.