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Advanced Facebook Ad Management That’ll Supercharge Your Coaching Business

Tired of wasting money on FB ads that don’t work? Looking to increase your ad spend, but not sure how to spend it? Want help optimizing and fine-tuning your campaigns?

Let’s be honest, you got into coaching for two reasons: 1) to help other people, and 2) to have a successful business that enables you to escape the 9-5 rat race and live life on your terms.

One thing is for sure though – you didn’t get into coaching to become a master of Facebook ads.

These days though, the people you want to help are all hanging out on Facebook and Instagram – and if you don’t know what you’re doing – connecting with them can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. As a result, if you’re not using the right strategies and techniques to find your tribe, build an audience, and reach your ideal clients, it can feel like an impossible task.


After you’ve spent some time (and money) trying to work out Facebook ads for yourself, you’ll have quickly realised that there are two options when it comes to perfecting the way you use Facebook ads, you can either:

1. Train yourself – the Facebook certification process takes around 4 solid days, you then need the time and the budget to be able to practise, practise, practise, and build up enough experience to be effective (It took me 5 years and a good 6-figure ad budget to get to where I am now).


2. You can fast track the whole process by working with me and my team. Save yourself a whole heap of time and a whole bunch of money and put your Facebook campaigns in our expert hands. With us, your ads will convert way better, landing you way more clients than you could attract by yourself – leaving you free to concentrate on what you love the most – coaching.


If you’re already spending money on Facebook ads and looking to take your Facebook advertising to the next level, then my advanced Facebook management packages are perfect for you.

We work with established coaches who have already tried Facebook ads, have a snazzy looking website, and landing pages that pop, but just need expert advice and guidance to bring everything together into campaigns that convert.

When you work with me and my fully trained team of FB experts, we’ll lift the lid on your current Facebook ad campaigns, discover what’s working, what isn’t, and optimize everything to make sure you’re getting more clicks, a reduced customer acquisition cost, and most importantly more clients.


This means that when you work with us, you’ll get tons of new clients joining your coaching programmes and signing up for your online courses automatically. You won’t have to touch your Facebook or Instagram ads at all…unless you want to.


This isn’t generic advice for Facebook newbies, we’ll be taking a long hard look at your campaign data and your website’s performance, so we can analyse and optimize all the elements which are holding you back from online success.

We’ve done this successfully for a whole host of coaching clients who have 4 or 5-figure weekly budgets to manage. They’ve turned to us, because after working with “normal” agencies (who don’t understand the specialist strategies coaches need) nothing they’ve tried has worked. Our clients know that we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience of marketing coaching businesses online, to make their Facebook ad budgets work HARD for them.

So, now it’s your turn – are you ready to achieve the success you deserve by letting us optimize and transform your Facebook ad campaigns?

If you book before the time is up, you can save 20% off the first month of my Facebook Ads Package!




So, you’ve already tried to run your own Facebook ads, you’ve maybe even seen some success with them – but you know you can do better – and you want to work with me and my team to optimize everything. Because we specialise in working with coaches we know EXACTLY how to leverage social media advertising to bring the best results for our clients.

But how does it work?

We’ll kick everything off with a 100% free discovery call so we can find out about what you’ve been able to do up until now and what you want to achieve with your Facebook ads.

We’ll then suggest one of our ad management packages based on the needs of your and your business, which might include things like:


  • In-depth analysis of your existing campaign
  • Complete done for you campaign optimization based on key metrics like CPC or CPA
  • Creative ad strategy and split testing to find the most effective ads for your target audience
  • Organic strategies to help you build an audience by combining ads with your other content
  • Product launch strategies and conversion funnels
  • Custom audience research
  • Retargeting and tracking pixel setup
  • 24/7 Email support, so you can get your questions answered any time
  • Regular reports showing you the results you’ve achieved with your ads, budget spend, etc
  • Budget allocation and ad spend management
  • New campaign creation, set up, and management
What we end up working with you on depends on your goals, your current set up, and your ad budget. Each package is designed with the needs of coaches in mind, but for this to work effectively you should be comfortable spending around 4-figures a week on Facebook ads in the pursuit of incredible results and massive returns on investment.


For most clients, our pre-designed Facebook ad management package is exactly what they need to supercharge their business. However, occasionally, some clients have more complex needs, so we’re happy to develop custom packages too.


>> Who is this for?


My advanced level Facebook services are for coaches who’ve been in business for a while, they already have a good website, a decent social media following, and want to take their business to new heights.


>> What will I get out of it? 


We’ll help you to turn your Facebook ad campaigns into powerful systems that help you win clients and sell products on auto-pilot. We’ll work together to develop systems and strategies that’ll take your business to new heights. Not sure what you need yet? Don’t worry, we can talk through everything when you book a 100% FREE 30-minute discovery call


>> How long does it last?


Each Facebook ads package lasts as long as you need it. Some clients need a full ongoing month-to-month service, while others need a one-off optimization service. We’ll discuss exactly what you need before we get started.


>> How much does it cost?


Don’t think of this as a cost – it’s an investment in growing your business. Any good marketing should have a return on investment, and by the time we’re finished, you’ll see fantastic results. We can tailor our ad management packages to meet the needs of you and your business, but if you’re not prepared to invest at least a four-figure sum in your business, then this elite level service probably isn’t for you.


>> Can I pay in instalments?


You can pay monthly, for sure! We take payment for each month of our service upfront via your credit card or Paypal. Of course, you should also bear in mind that you’ll need to pay for your own Facebook ad budget on top of our service fees.


>> How can I get started?


Simply book a 100% FREE discovery call with me and we’ll have a chat about it. If we’re a good fit, I’ll suggest a package for you, or create a custom one based on the needs of your business. From there, we’ll work together to grow your coaching business to new heights of success.




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