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Let me show you:

How to skyrocket your network marketing income with Facebook Ads

Let me show you:

How to skyrocket your network marketing income with Facebook Ads

Does this sound familiar?

• You want to grow your team but lack the time to send out lots of messages manually?
• You’ve run out of ideas on what to post on your profile or page?
• You run online and offline workshops but don’t get enough people to attend?
• You would love an automated system that grows your team and income every single month?  

Let me change all of this for you.

Imagine that this could be you this year:
You get new high-quality team members on autopilot every single month.
Your online and offline events are completely booked out with participants who join your team right on the spot
Your new team members are committed and start building their own team right away 
Your network marketing income increases every single month

Hi, I’m Sarah

I’m an expert in Facebook and Instagram Ads that make people know, like and trust you as soon as they see your ad.

With the knowledge the participants of my various workshops, events and courses have gained, they were able to earn consistent, 5-figure months and get 6-figure launches. 

I’ve created this online course to be able to impact even more clients by not limiting myself to only 1:1 packages.

Let’s start this journey today! 

The truth is:

The fastest way to scale your network marketing business is through social media ads

The good news

Everyone can learn how to run successful Facebook and Instagram Ads and I will show you exactly how to do it:

You will create perfect audiences that fit your business and products.
✔ You will speak to people again (remarketing), those who are already interested in learning more and joining your team and just need a final little reminder.
✔ You will create ads that are interesting, funny and professional.
✔ You will know exactly what to write in your ads to grab attention while also staying within Facebook’s guidelines.
✔ You will know how to analyze the results of your ad campaigns and how to optimize them even further so that you grow your team and increase your network marketing income every single month.

Here's what you get

Course material: 12 modules with video tutorials.
Scripts: 12 PDF scripts with screenshots and easy-to-follow action steps.
Updates: 3 years of free updates regarding the course and the course materials.

The 5 main areas:


In these first two modules, you will learn about all the important settings in the Ads Manager.

You’ll understand the differences between campaign, ad set and ads and you will know what to publish and what not to publish.

We will then cover everything regarding the Facebook Pixel. You will know what it is, what it does and how to implement it to your website (in a way that is GDPR compliant).

You will also learn how to create so-called “Custom Conversion” to stalk your people.


In three detailed modules we cover the three main audience types: •Saved Audiences (also called Interest-based Audiences), •Custom Audiences and •Lookalike Audiences.

With Saved Audiences you learn how to create a target audience with interests and demographics, how to find the right interest, what the ideal size of your audience is, why is it important to narrow things down and how to exclude specific interests and much more.

With Custom Audiences we will cover how to create one out of website traffic, email lists and people who’ve engaged with your content.

We will discuss how to do all of this within the GDPR regulations.

Also, you will get a bonus video about the Business Manager and how to use it to create specific Custom Audiences.


You will know everything about the best settings when it comes to creating your campaign.

You will understand how to choose the perfect campaign objective depending on your goal and why it’s important to always combine different objectives.

We will also talk about ad spend and ad placement, so that you always know how to choose between the placements: •Newsfeed, •Messenger, •Right column, •Stories and more.


In three modules you will come to understand everything around the creation of your ads.

You will know how to choose and create the perfect images for your ads, how to create interesting videos and most importantly what to write in your ad text and which words and phrases you are not allowed to use. We will cover this in detail, so you never risk getting your account closed.


This course is summed up with two modules around testing and evaluating.

You will know how to run effective split-tests on different levels (and why this is important) and how to evaluate your numbers and results.

You will understand every number you see in your Ads Manager and know different ways to keep improving your results.

Make 2020 the year you make your network marketing boom!

You love your company's products?

So why not use Facebook Ads to sell what you love?
Facebook Ads offer an amazing ROI & scale your sales immediately.

Don't just listen to me. Listen to them:

“I love Sarah’s way of teaching things and making you understand things. She gave me so much great input.”
“The videos and PDFs in this course are well prepared. Everything you have to learn, you will find here. “

Have quesions? I have answers.

Sounds amazing but I don’t have the budget for this. I understand your situation and therefore I offer a payment plan. But think of it this way: Can you really wait to sell your product and service if you’re short on money? Or wouldn’t it be better to start selling (more of) them right away? Facebook Ads are not a cost for your business like a new desk or laptop. They are an investment that brings you money back. 

Do you offer a payment plan? Yes! I offer a payment plan that allows you to make monthly installments instead of paying the full amount right away.

What exactly do I get? You get all the course materials in my own membership area on this website. I send you your personal login details via email after you book the course.

How long do I have access? You get access to all the video tutorials and scripts for three years. During this time you also get access to every update that I create. You can also download the PDF scripts, so you have lifetime access to those as well. 
Can I be guaranteed that this course will work for me? This course will teach you everything you need to know to run successful Facebook and Instagram Ads. That being said: I still can’t give you a guarantee that your ads will sell your product or service. Why not? Because this also depends highly on your product. If your product or service sucks and no one needs or wants it – then it won’t sell through paid ads either. Have you sold your product or service in the past? Did you get positive feedback? Did people maybe even recommend it to their friends? Then this course will very likely work perfectly for you.
Do you offer a refund if the course is not working for me?  No. I believe refunds are an easy way out for people who are not willing to put in the work. I know that this course will bring you amazing Facebook Ads results as soon as you implement and not only watch (the admittedly, very pretty) videos. I know you want to sell with Facebook Ads, so I’m taking you there. I believe in you, so let’s rock this!
Aren’t Facebook and Instagram Ads spammy and annoying? Some definitely are but yours won’t be. For me, it’s super important to teach an approach that leads to Facebook Ads that people adore. Your ads will be positive, interesting and a perfect fit for you and your business. This way, they bring you your dream clients who didn’t get tricked into buying from you, rather feel super grateful they stumbled upon your ad and bought from you.
Do I need to have some knowledge about Facebook Ads before starting this course? No. Even if you’ve never tried Facebook Ads before and don’t even know if you have an ad account (spoiler: if you have a private Facebook profile you automatically also have an ad account) I will guide you through everything. The first module is all about getting to know the Ads Manager and how setting up ads works.  And if you’ve already been using Facebook Ads you simply skip the first module and dive right into new strategies and ideas.
I’m really not good with numbers and technical things. Are you sure I’ll be able to run successful Facebook Ads? Absolutely! Math used to be my most hated school subject ever and I’m still not great with technical things. But the good thing about Facebook Ads is that they’re not very complicated once you understand how they work. Everyone can learn how to run ads on Facebook and Instagram that sell. I’ve had course participants who were really not techy at all. And every single one of them managed to build successful Facebook Ads campaigns.

How much time do I need to invest in this course? That’s really up to you. You get access to all the materials for three years but really, you don’t want to wait that long, do you? Ideally, you implement as much as you can within the first weeks. This only requires around 2 hours of work per week; 1 hour to watch the course materials and 1 hour of implementing.

How long will I need to wait until I see results with my ads? This highly depends on the daily ad budget and on the complexity of the product. Does it need a little more explaining? Is it a high-price product? Then you also need a little more patience. Are you selling lower-price products to a broad audience? Then you will see results a little faster. In general, you usually see results after 14 – 31 days of running your ads. 
Can I promote everything with Facebook Ads? Almost. If you’re selling drugs, weapons, short-term loans or adult products then Facebook Ads are not for you. Everything else is definitely sell-able on Facebook and Instagram. Your product or service should be honest and serve your buyers. The more it will change the life of the buyer for the better,  the easier it is to advertise on Facebook. 
How much additional money do I need to invest in the actual ads? You can adjust your ad budget according to your personal finances and start with as little as 10 € per day. I’ve had course participants who were very successful with a small ad budget like this. 

What my happy clients say

“This course is amazing. There are so many tips and Sarah always keeps us up to date. I love learning from Sarah, I love her energy. I strongly encourage you to join the course!”
“I’m so glad that I found Sarah’s Facebook Ads course. Sarah gives so much content that is super helpful and easy to understand. I learned so much!”
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